Softball Team Receives State Championship Rings

The Lebanon Lady Tiger’s Varsity Softball team has been the talk of the town for the past several months due to their win against Kankakee Valley at Ben Davis High School for the 3A State Championship title this past summer.

“I was confident that we would make it to state once I got to know the team I was playing with, but I never imagined taking home the title,” said freshman Abby Wirey.


Abby Wirey has been playing softball with her older sister Hannah for as long as she can remember. Stepping on the field that day “didn’t feel different than any other time before,” said Wirey, but she had no idea that game would strengthen their bond as sisters unlike other games they’ve played together before.

“I was not very emotional when we won state because I was still in shock that it even happened,” said Abby Wirey.

On the other hand, Hannah Wirey was overwhelmed with emotion.

“Abby is more than my sister; she is my best friend. Having her by my side through our first high school season together and winning state was and still is very emotional for me,” said Hannah Wirey smiling to prevent tears.


A ceremony to celebrate the girls’ hard work was held on September 24th, 2016.

“Being state champs settled with everyone well before the ceremony,” said senior Kassidi Cadle “but the giant rings made it official.”

During the ceremony everything was unique to the Lady Tiger’s softball team.

“The cake was amazing and had a picture of our team on it, even the plates and napkins were inscribed with ‘2016 State Champions,’ said senior Brooke Montgomery.

Kassidi and Brooke have been playing softball together since freshman year and are excited yet sad for their final year of high school ball.

“Playing with Brooke during the state championship game didn’t feel any different than every other time I’ve played with her, but it was definitely the most emotional game we’ve ever played together,” said Cadle.


The two friends were grateful to have made it to state and honored to have been a part of the winning team.

“Making history with your best friend is an awesome feeling,” said Montgomery.

The Lady Tigers did make history and the community enjoyed celebrating them.

It was awesome to see the administration honoring us at the ceremony along with our families and the rest of the community as well,” said Cadle.

As seniors Brooke and Kassidi hope that they can make it to state again to defend their title before they move on to college.

“If we stay positive and motivated, I have no doubt that our team can go all the way again!” said Montgomery.

Cover photo courtesy of Kim Cadle

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