Students Participate in Unique Sports

Within Lebanon High school there are hidden players of unique sports students most likely do not know about.

Rugby, boxing, and hockey are just a few examples of some of the sports our fellow peers play when they are not being a student at Lebanon High School.

Sophomore Austin Keen has become interested
in boxing and gave some insight on being involved in the diverse sports.

“I just started this summer- I was mostly inspired by all the Rocky movies and the new Creed movie that just came out,” said Keen.

Keen was then asked about a boxing program at LHS.dsc_0003

“I have actually thought about this for a while, yes there would be a lot of rules and it would be a lot of money but, it would get a lot of kids involved in boxing”  said Keen.

For some students just because they are not playing a diverse sport does not mean they do not want there to be some uniqueness added to the athletics department here at LHS. Sophomore Zach Peycha is in swimming and track and field and gave his opinions on adding new sports to LHS:

“Probably hammer throw for track and field. There are not enough field events for those who can’t run track. This gives everyone a chance to be in athletics, but, it is expensive, and dangerous- also I don’t think we have a coach who does it [hammer throw].” Said Peycha.

So should students and staff look into a change in the athletic department? Should there be  more diverse sports to choose from in our school?  From what these athletes of LHS say the answer seems like a yes.  Many reasons the school has yet to do this though is due to the fact that there is such a cost to supply, coach, and transport players.  However, there are teams for these unique sports that are extra-curricular.  An example is the Noblesville Rugby Club- they accept all players from 2nd to 12th grade and accept boys and girls. There are plenty of opportunities out there to be in an amazing sport- just search the Indiana area!

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