USWNT Faces Obstacles

The Olympic the U.S Women’s Soccer team has had many problems arise in the past couple months. When the team fell to Sweden in the Olympics the true colors of the one of the players showed. The goalkeeper, Hope Solo, was a dynamic player to the team and made the decision to present herself in the opposite manner. Solo made remarks and inappropriate comments to the Sweden team.

Seeing a well-respected player make these decisions is something that can change the perspective on not only how you look at her, but also how you look at the team. Many young athletes look up to this player and can no longer say that they do.

Solo has been suspended from the United States Women’s National team until February of 2017, but it is predicted that she will not return to the team because of too much conflict with the whole program.

“Not only does only is this team losing a strong player but they are also putting their team at stake. This is going to effect the whole team and she is being selfish,” said junior Tori Bennett.

Next on the Women’s team, Lauren Holiday, was faced with some awful news. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor while she is also six months pregnant. The tumor is not cancerous but is pushing on nerves causing many different health troubles. She will be getting the tumor removed after her pregnancy.

“It is so tragic whenever you see bad things happen to good people. With reading all the articles, it looks like she has lots of support and I really hope that everything goes well. She is such a respected player and I am sure she will have lots of support from people around the United States,” said sophomore Lilly Haines.

With the team falling short of the gold medal in this 2016 Olympics, they faced different obstacles other than losing.

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