Athletes discuss the Lebanon – WEBO Rivalry

No matter what the team’s records, standings, or skill level is, the Lebanon vs. Western Boone football matchup is always a tough battle full of hard-hitting and exhilarating football. Over the time that our seniors from this year have been in the high-school, they have lost to the Stars twice and won once. This year could be the turning point for the rivalry for Lebanon if they can come away with the victory.

Lebanon senior lineman and football player Zach Huse said, “Well, we killed WEBO all through middle school but, we have only beaten them once in three years of high school. I want to win this year because I have friends that go to WEBO and want to be able to rub it in their face as well as going out on a high note the last time I play Western Boone.”img_9911

Huse also added that his father attended Western Boone when they won the State Championship. That year, Western Boone defeated Lebanon and Huse wants to do the same thing as his father, except in reverse, where Lebanon is winning state and beating Western Boone.

Lebanon senior linebacker Evan Jones said, “Well I kind of just grew up knowing that everyone at WEBO were our rivals. I won my first game against WEBO around fourth grade and ever since then I have had the expectation to beat them every time we play them.”

The rivalry has existed for years and is a big part of both Lebanon and Western Boone’s season being the final game of the regular season. A win for either team can really give them high morale going into the playoffs as well as bragging rights for the next year.

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