Athletes Stay Active in Offseason

Once you fall out of a seasonal sport you just currently spent a majority of time working, you tend to forget about staying in shape but that’s not always the case. Athletes that are dedicated to their sport, typically train year round just so that they are ready to give their best efforts. There are many things you can do in the offseason that do not involve working out over and over again.

Here are some examples of what you can do to stay in shape without necessarily having to work out every single day:

  • Go on a bike ride with friends
  • Play pick-up games at the park
  • Go for walks with your family
  • Attend camps for your specific sports
  • Go for a run around the neighborhood


These are all alternatives to do instead of hitting the weight room but, you should still exercise once or twice a week. Make sure to rest your muscles and alternate the exercises so that you get an even and well-rounded workout.

“To keep in shape for basketball and softball, I play travel softball and go to the weight room twice a week. Staying in shape is something that is important to me because I constantly have to be on top of my game while playing year round,” said Sophomore Payten Redman.

The benefits really outweigh the negatives when it comes to staying in shape during the offseason. Training always benefits the athletes and can even sometimes help prevent injuries. LHS has a weight room full of equipment that is available for use and can be very beneficial for the athletes here at LHS.

“Working out all week keeps me in shape for track and soccer. Playing two sports that are very physically demanding, I have to take care of myself and constantly do things to make myself better. The best part about working out in the offseason is that you can notice the difference from the people who aren’t in shape and those who are when the season comes around. You typically want to be the person who is in shape, it makes things a lot easier,” said Sophomore Lilly Haines.

Being in shape can be an essential to any sport and is always a great benefit. Although it can be challenging, there are many ways you can stay in shape and also have a good time

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