Boys Soccer Players Discuss Sectional Victory

We all love the joy and excitement of winning games. Our Lebanon boys’ soccer team had a whole different feeling when they won their first sectional game in 17 years on October fifth.

The Lebanon boys’ soccer team competed against McCutcheon High School in first round of sectionals winning the game 4-3.

“It was like a feeling I have never felt before, to be honest I was tearing up. It was great, I am beyond happy we accomplished this goal. We went in with a game plan and followed it throughout the whole night. A better ranked team came out with an upset victory because my boys got what needed to be done. I have been the soccer coach for 11 years and we got the second win for this program,” said boys’ soccer coach Ryan Tucker.dsc_0003

Setting the bar higher for next year’s team to achieve and making more dreams come true.

“I did not really realize that we just won the game and that I just made the game winning goal for us. When everyone just rushed to the field, I felt so good and was beyond shocked. I am confident that the team can go out there next year and win it again and even go further. Continuing to work hard in the off season is what will get us there,” said junior Brandon Morgan.dsc_0005

Winning this game made the school year just a little better.

“I loved my freshman year as a soccer player because the other freshmen on the team and I took pride in getting made fun of for being a freshman. It just made my freshman year so much better than what I was expecting it to be. I was not that shocked with the result of the game until Coach Tucker gave his speech on how emotional he was because this was coaches first win in sectionals since 1999,” said freshman Carson Burtron.


This year the level of leadership was high for the soccer team and Burtron wants the level to stay the same. To make the team even more stronger for next year he wants to stay connected with the team during offseason.

This achievement is something that will remain with the boys forever.

“It is something that I will never forget. The feeling of winning the game was great and it being my senior year makes the win even better. I was not that shocked about it because we knew what we needed to do and what needed to be done,” said senior Michael Jeffery.

Jeffery was also named captain his senior year along with Carson Riddle and Spencer Lemen, both of whom are seniors.


“Being a captain was me just understanding my role on the team. I played soccer my entire high school career and being awarded did not make me any better than my teammates. I was proud of being name captain with the other two boys because we worked for it and got it,” said Jeffery.

Jeffrey mentioned something for the boys team to know for next year.

“Remember to play for what is on the front of the jersey and not the number and name on the back. Play for the team and not for yourself,” said Jeffrey.

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