LHS welcomes back Mrs. Love

Mrs. Nikki Love is an Agriculture teacher here at Lebanon High School, and she has been teaching here for three years. She has made an impact on students even before she was a teacher because she was a substitute for the corporation. She helps her students succeed in any way she can.

All teachers around the school are needed to help students at LHS. Love has made an impact on students to show even when she has been gone. She had a baby girl at the end of July which meant she would not be teaching for the first seven weeks of the school year.

“It has been really different not beginning the school year teaching, but I like being at home with my newborn child. It has also been fun because she is a good baby and does not scream and cry like most babies do,” said Love.love-2

Love came back to teach at the beginning of October and she is already missing her daughter, Henley Sue.

“JB, my husband, named her Henley Sue and I liked it so we named her that. Sue is the only part of her name that stuck through the family because Sue is a lot of my family members’ names, and my first name is actually Susan,” said Love.

Although Love has been gone, life in her classes and FFA has been slow. The Agriculture department of the school have been left this year with two advisors, Love and Ms. Cayla Mustin, and from the middle school, Mrs. Stacey Hartley. FFA has been left with one advisor, Mustin, to start off the year.

“It has been hard to leave the school and FFA behind for the first seven weeks, but I mean having Henley is the greatest thing in my life. Everything is just going to be much easier now that I am able to help in the organization and Mustin does not have to do it all,” said Love.

Teachers work hard even when they are not in school, and Love has proven that all teachers are needed to help start off the school year.

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