Students Prepare for Cold/Flu Season

Cold and flu season has plagued the students and staff of LHS once again and it seems to have hit hard this time.  With so many people getting sick, what can you do to try and keep yourself healthy or if you are already sick, how do you treat it?

Mrs. Jackie McNutt offered some tips to help avoid getting sick or how to deal with the cold or flu if you already have it.

“Just be smart.  Eat as healthy as you can and make sure to keep up on your rest.  Stay up-to-date on your vaccinations and try to avoid touching the T-zone on your face, which includes your nose, eyes and mouth.  If you can, try to avoid touching common surfaces, especially at school, like other lockers and the handrails on the stairs,” Mrs. McNutt said.

When it comes to the common cold and flu there is only so much a person can do to help “cure” it.  Mrs. McNutt explained that viruses have to be allowed to run their course and over-the-counter medications and rest can help.

Many pharmacies are beginning to administrate flu shots.  Places in town such as Walgreens and CVS’s Minute Clinic are available to students as well as others in the community.  The Boone County Health Department will also be holding times for the public to receive their flu shots and that information can be found in the photo below.  Flu shots tend to cost around $25.


Like with most vaccinations, there is the fear of side effects that the patient might receive from the vaccination.  People also tend to wonder how well flu shots will do in preventing the disease and if they are even worth getting?

Mrs. McNutt said, “There really are not any side effects that come with getting a flu shot.  The only thing that might happen is that a red spot where the needle entered will appear, but other than that there is nothing that comes with it.  If people do experience any type of side effects that represent the flu, it is because they most likely were already sick by the time they received the vaccine.”

Mrs. McNutt also explained that flu shots do not completely prevent someone from catching the flu, but it lowers the chances significantly.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises for anyone six months and older to get a yearly flu shot and October is the best time to do so because the flu virus tends to spread around this time.

The flu tends to develop new strains each year.  This year’s strain has not been determined quite yet since it is still early to find out what it would be.

“Flu shots usually cover the most prevalent strains from the past year.  Most have three strains covered, while last year’s covered four,” Mrs. McNutt said.

Even though the CDC has reported that flu season is not as active for October as it has been in past years it is never too early to get ahead of the strain before it starts.  By following these tips you have a better chance of staying healthy this cold and flu season.

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