Dress Code Change

For senior Baillie Woods, the new dress code came as a bit of a shock to her, mostly because she didn’t know them to begin with. As she scrolled down her twitter feed one afternoon, she saw that the Lebanon Reporter page had posted about Lebanon High School finalizing a new dress code and for it to be put into effect immediately.

The LCSC school board voted the night of October 18th, to change the dress code allowing shorts and skirts to be worn at mid-thigh, and yoga pants and leggings to be worn as long as the students’ shirts or dresses fall to mid-thigh. She was confused as to what made them FINALLY change it, which is what were all asking, what finally made the corporation give in to changing the dress code?

 “I am sure they changed it because they got tired of having to write so many people up, and were tired of the rules being broken.” Baillie says. The dress code change can be a good thing for most, it was a little too strict without any exceptions. “No matter what rule you set people are going to break it.” Baillie says.

Girls are taking advantage of the new rule since it’s been addressed. Before fall break, Junior Brianna Harrington read about the changes on Facebook.

“I feel like it is going to get taken away again, because already girls aren’t following the new rules and the teachers will think we won’t be able to handle it, so you have to be careful with getting your hopes up or not,” said Harrington.

Many LHS students have come to the conclusion that the changes were made because everyone was tired of hearing each other complaining about it, and the rules were steadily being broken.

Take advantage of the change while you can, because who knows how long it is going to last.

“Girls keep pushing the limits of how far they can go without getting in trouble.” Says Brianna Harrington.

It is kind of like one of those battles where you keep fighting and fighting until you finally receive what you have been asking for.

“Every teacher has their own idea of mid-thigh. One may think a shirt is fine and one may not and there for the student gets dress coded but other teachers think you should not have.” Says Junior Reagan Davis. For Reagan this has already become an issue, as she re-lived her own scenario Monday morning.

“Although there still may or may not be issues with the dress code, I think it was needed-fashion is changing and leggings are in.” Reagan says.

Students look for excitement within the new dress code because it gives them more freedom to express themselves.

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