Family Traditions at LHS

The holiday season is approaching quickly, that means spending lots of time with our closest family and friends. This time of year families participate in many annual family traditions that they might have.

Some of these tradition may have just started or could have been going on for decades and decades with their family. Whatever it is, these traditions are important to those people and can even just be the simplest things.

Traditions do not always have to be a huge event. It could be just a small thing that you do around the holidays with friends, family, or anyone really.

“My Christmas time is always spent the same way. I go to my Dad’s on Christmas eve morning and then Christmas evening at my grandparents. For Thanksgiving we always have it at my step-grandparents’ house,” said senior Trevor Boyne.

The traditions people have tended to bring the best out in them. They are usually associated with a good time and lots of memories. Not all these traditions happen around the holidays but that is what people mostly associate them with.

“Every single year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter my whole family gets together and we eat at my grandma’s house,” said senior Ethan Price.

Things as simple as Price’s traditions can be carried on and on for several years or even generations of the family. It can bring families closer and give them those memories to cherish forever.

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