Makeup Enthusiast

A fad and fashion statement that has been popular for centuries is makeup. Evolving all the time to the newest fashion trends and developing continuously makeup has become a big part of many people’s lives.

Many popular brands of makeup right now are Sephora, NYX, Urban Decay, and many others.

Makeup has also become very prominent and popular because of social media. There is plenty of beauty bloggers, and video makers who share their tips and tricks for making their own unique styles.

Lebanon High School has their own batch of “makeup enthusiasts” who love to express themselves through makeup.

“I have always played with my mom’s makeup. I view it as an art form.” Said Junior Maggie Bishop.

Most makeup gurus begin by learning from a family member or someone close to them as previously stated by Bishop. LHS’ makeup enthusiast is also inspired by styles and things they are a part of

“My aunt used to be in show choir and I was really close to her. I began to explore new colors and styles, also Pinterest helped me find my own unique style.” Says Junior Lillian Wright.

There are also thousands of makeup brands to mix and match to create an original look,

“My favorite brands are Kylie Jenner’s, Anastasia, Mac, and Urban Decay.” Said Bishop

“Elf, Etude, and Nyx are my favorite brands, because they are affordable and really good quality.”

Makeup does not just affect people physically but also has altered their views and personalities.

“I notice little things like when someone fills in their eyebrows, or puts on mascara and false lashes, it’s taught me to appreciate little things like really great skin. I have learned to appreciate the human face.” Said Wright

“My celebrity inspiration is Kendal and Kylie Jenner…I view makeup as art.” Said Bishop

Makeup is a great way to escape from normality and show self-expression. Makeup is an art form for some, a part of their being to others, and a beautiful activity to most.



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