Students’ Speak About Meal Prepping

Meal-prepping has slowly become a hot trend for fitness fanatics and weight-watchers around the world. Meal-prepping is done to make sure you get the right nutritional value out of each meal you eat, and to reduce the amount of junk or fats that you would prefer to exclude from your diet that you would get from fast food and some school lunch choice options. So how do people find time to meal-prep during their busy weeks at school?

Junior Maci French just recently started meal prepping this year and has meals laid out for each lunch that she will take to school.  French takes a different approach than most do, and has totally reformed her diet.

“I have started eating a paleo diet which allows me to eat my normal food groups, but I now do not eat dairy and grains. I make sure to follow this diet strictly during the week at school, but on the weekends I eat some cheeses and grains,” said French.


French said that meal-prepping has helped her make healthier eating choices, and it helps make sure she doesn’t overeat and get the right nutrients she wants from each meal.

Senior Taylor Myers has meal-prepped for some time now and really enjoys the benefits it has provided her.

“I make a ton of food on Sundays for the entire school week ahead where I specifically track the amount of protein I eat, and prepare the right proportions I will eat for each lunch,” said Myers.

Myers claims that meal-prepping is not hard to do, but admits she is not as strict about it as some people are.

“I meal-prep to watch my diet, make sure I get the right nutrition for each meal I eat, and help me put on muscle and get the best overall result for my athletic performance,” concluded Myers.


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