Student Feature: Alex Brummett

This is Alex Brummett’s junior year here at Lebanon High School. There are many irreplaceable facts about Brummett that many people are unaware of including, one of his favorite types of music genres is heavy metal, he has been a Lebanon resident and has lived in the exact same house for as long as he is been alive, and he likes food…. a lot.

“I eat like a horse,” said Brummett.

Brummett is a track and cross country runner. He has been running track since his freshman year, and cross country since his sophomore year. The track events he competes in are the 3200m (2 mile), the 1600m (1 mile), and on occasion, the 4X800m relay. For cross country, the only event available is the 5000m (3.1 miles) and it is ran on grass pavements. His personal record in each distance is 16:45 for the 5K, 10:39 for 2 miles, and 4:59 for just one mile. This year, he was a regional qualifier for cross country and also made First Team All-Conference.

“I am extremely proud of myself for both of these honors. It consisted hard work and training, without injuring myself in the process,” said Brummett.

School is very important to Brummett. He enjoys math the most out of his core subjects; he is currently enrolled in Honors Algebra II. He used to dislike math because he believed it was very difficult, but something “sparked” in his brain and he now understands the subject.

“When I ‘get’ something I tend to like the subject better,” said Brummett.

Amber Brummett, also grade 11, is Alex’s twin sister. Brummett explains that having a twin is just like having any other sibling, however, they are in the same grade and going to be graduating at the same time.

“I think we just have a ‘telepathic’ connection that other siblings do not have,” said Brummett.

When asked his favorite high school memory so far, he decided that his was attending and watching the Indiana High School Cross Country State Championships in Terre Haute with the LHS Cross Country team. He enjoyed the experience and seeing the best runners in the state of Indiana go head-to-head.

“The experience made me look to the future of my running career and perhaps achieving the goal of advancing there next year as an individual, whereas this year I made it to Regionals as an individual,” said Brummett.

Being able to get to know this individual was truly inspiring and hopefully he motivates all of LHS to follow their dreams and to work hard for what they desire in life.

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