What does a Trump presidency mean?

Donald Trump has been elected. This is not a prophecy, this is not a retelling of a Hillary supporter’s worst nightmare, it is a fact. Liberal or Conservative, undecided or uncaring, it is the truth.

Whether you are a part of the “Trump Train” or not, it is time to accept Trump’s victory. Even Hillary Clinton, his most steadfast opponent, has conceded to him, publically. Despite the fact that when he first announced his nomination, he had a less than one percent chance of winning, he has won. Donald Trump is now the President-Elect of the United States of America. Now, only one question remains. What does a Trump presidency mean?

“I think it (a Trump presidency) could benefit and harm us. I think we will revert to kind of a civil rights movement, because he does disregard everyone’s human rights, but I also think he will be better on the economy because he does have some very nice views on economics because he is a businessman.” said Hillary supporter, senior Daley Lohrman.

Lohrman’s fears are reasonable. During his campaign, Trump made a point to say as many controversial things as he possibly could. Trump is known for his somewhat harsh views about illegal immigrants, Muslims, and homosexuals.

Others are not on the same side as Lohrman. Others, such as Trump supporter senior David Nastav, although a little skeptical about Trump’s presidency, still have faith in the President-Elect.

“Possibly an increase to the social divide that already exists, but he will do good for the economy. As far as foreign policy goes, I am not too sure.” said Nastav.

One commonality between the separate sides of the argument is that both sides believe Trump will be good for the economy due to the fact that he was a very successful businessman. Running a business and a country are two very separate things, but Americans are still confident in Trump’s ability to save the economy from its current fractured state.


In any event, the Sun will still rise in the morning and the Moon will still take its place at nightfall. Trump supporters or Trump haters, we all live in the same America. We all need to keep in mind that if Trump succeeds as President, then America succeeds as a country. With that said, I, personally, hope Trump succeeds as President, not because I support Trump, but because I support America.


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