Student Feature: Kye Zimmerman

In his first year at Lebanon High School, freshman Kye Zimmerman is extremely excited to be starting a new chapter in his social, educational, and athletic life.

Kye was born April 9th, 2001, to his parents Jeff and Barbie Zimmerman. He has two sisters, Brenna and Bailee, and is the youngest child of the three children in his family. His oldest sister Bailee models in New York City and his other sister Brenna is currently a sophomore in college.

Aside from his family, Zimmerman has many hobbies that he takes part in to stay busy and have fun. Some of his favorite things to do include partying with his friends, playing basketball, golf, pool, and table tennis. Zimmerman is also on the JV basketball team and even dresses varsity as a freshman. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he likes the two week break he gets from school, and enjoys getting all his presents on Christmas morning.

When it comes to life at school, Zimmerman likes the high school much better than the middle school due to the amount of freedom he gets in all his classes and his classwork.

“I like that the teachers do not expect too much out of us like they did in middle school. It makes schoolwork a whole lot less stressful,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is glad to be here at Lebanon High School and is excited to see what his future holds for the next three years he will be here.fullsizerender-jpg

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