Why family is important during the holidays

Family means something different for everyone. Whether your family consist of your parents, siblings, distant cousins or close friends, it ultimately identifies the people that you love unconditionally and enjoy spending time with.

Brooke Montgomery, a senior at Lebanon High School explained her family tradition that makes the holiday more enjoyable.img_6992

“My sisters and I love to karaoke in front of our family during the holidays,” said Montgomery.

Most families have traditions during the holiday season whether they be enjoyable activities or making a Thanksgiving dish together, traditions bring people together and allow them to enjoy each other’s company.

“On Thanksgiving my whole family sits around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for before we enjoy a meal together,” said Montgomery.

Another senior, David Nastav, explains why spending time with his family during the holiday season is important.img_6993

“We often get too busy throughout the year and tend to forget the value of spending time with each other, the holidays bring us back together,” said Nastav.

Some families live far apart making the holiday season that more important.

“I think it is very important to have my whole family together during the holidays,” said junior Tori Harker, “It is the only time I am able to see my siblings that are in college.”

Harker describes a family tradition that her family honors every year during the holidays, “Thanksmas.”fullsizerender-2

“After we eat thanksgiving dinner we all exchange one gift to get excited for Christmas, said Harker, “I really cherish those moments with my siblings.”

Freshman, Nick Nies, acknowledges the importance of honoring what the holiday season is meant for.img_6995

“It is important to have my whole family together for the holiday season because it is about giving thanks and appreciating what you have,” said Nies.


Photos courtesy of: Brooke Montgomery, Zach Nies, Tori Harker, and David Nastav

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