Athletes Discuss their Progress in the 2016-17 Winter Sports Season

With the coming of winter brings a new season of sports to Lebanon High School. Now that all of the Fall sports are over with, student focus has switched to sports such as: basketball, swimming, and wrestling.

Junior Alex Siegfried is in his third year as a varsity boys’ basketball player for Lebanon High School. Since his freshman year, he has been a part of the team that won sectionals and conference. They started off their season November 23rd against Hamilton Heights and will finish their regular season towards the end of February.

“We have started off the season 2-2 which is not too bad so I am not complaining. I think the team is doing well and we are excited for the rest of the season,” said Siegfried. When asked on what key opponents the team will face in the upcoming season that are “must wins” for the Tigers, Siegfried said, “Everyone we play the rest of the season is not very good and we should be able to man handle every team we face.”DSC_0153.jpg

Sophomore Brannon Watson is playing his first season for the boy’s JV basketball team this year. They started their season on November 23rd against Hamilton Heights and will finish up their season in mid-February.

“We are 0-4 and are off to a very bad start to our season. We should have won against Western and Crawfordsville, and our coach is not very happy with us on how we played in those games. I expect us to get better from here and to finally win some games,” said Watson.dsc_0156

Watson sees the Tiger’s best chance of winning coming in the Tiger’s conference play throughout the rest of this season.

Junior Tori Harker is in her third year as a varsity girls’ basketball player for the Lebanon Lady Tigers. Harker was a part of the starting five who won conference, sectionals, regionals, and played in the semi-state game last year. The Lady Tigers started their season in November and will finish up their season in late January.

“We are 6-3 right now and are off to a pretty good start considering the competition we have faced. These past couple of games, we are playing more united and together; learning how to play with newer girls while getting them used to the varsity atmosphere,” said Harker.DSC_0154.jpg

Harker said a crucial game for the Lady Tigers will be this Friday’s matchup against arch rival Western Boone.


Sophomore Jenna Weaver is in her second year as a member of the Lebanon Lady Tiger’s JV basketball team. They started their season in November and will finish their season in late January.

“We are off to a good start and are currently 5-3. We have been improving each game which has been great to see since we have a lot of young talent on our team. Coach has really got us to execute plays better and I think you will see us continually improve even through tough opponents like Brownsburg,” said Weaver.DSC_0001.jpg

Weaver said a big game for them will be their matchup against Webo this Thursday night.

“We played them over the summer and beat them by 18, but now they have been able to get practices under their belt and I think it will be a much better game,” concluded Weaver.

Junior Angie Zheng is in her third year of swimming as a Lady Tiger Shark. The Lady Tiger Sharks opened up their season on November 17th against Hamilton Heights and will conclude their season in early November.

“We are sitting at 4-3 right now. I would say we are doing alright so far considering the amount of meets we have had in such a short time; it is very exhausting! We are not exactly where we want to be yet, but we are working on making a good run for girls’ conference,” said Zheng.DSC_0003.jpg

Zheng sees the Lady Tiger Sharks season getting tougher from here, but expects them to do fine as a team. Their conference meet this Saturday against Danville is a must win if they want to keep their conference hopes alive!

Senior Luke Betts is currently in his fourth year of swimming for the Tiger Sharks and is hopeful for a successful end to his swimming career this come February when the Tiger Sharks head into sectionals.

“We are currently 1-3 and I would say that is pretty good for the competition we have faced. I see our season getting easier from here as we have already faced our toughest competition but our upcoming conference matchups will be huge for us to see where we stand as a team,” said Betts.dsc_0004

Senior Patrick Tubbs is in his fourth year wrestling for the Lebanon Tigers. Even after a slow start for Tigers Wrestling team, Tubbs is hoping for a huge turn around in the upcoming months.

“We have started the season 1-5 and are not off to the start we expected at all. From this slow start though, we have been practicing harder each day and have cut all the smiles and laughing out of our practices – it is strictly business now,” said Tubbs.DSC_0155.jpg

Tubbs expects senior leadership to pick up and for the team to start coming together like they should. The wrestlers have a crucial meet against both Roncalli and Danville next week that will be very important to how the rest of their season plays out.

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