“Illuminate” Album Review

On September 23rd, Shawn Mendes released his most recent album, “Illuminate.” Mendes first album was “Handwritten.” “Illuminate” is his second album, and it has two hit songs that have made the charts, “Treat You Better” and “Mercy”.

I would rate this album 4 stars. This album shows many different emotions that teenagers would relate to. I personally listen to more songs that are more relatable to my life, and this album could come across in different ways. Most of the songs on the album are about a girl and boy, but they do not have to be interpreted that way.

The songs on this album are more slow paced and are made with Mendes playing the guitar. The issues built upon the album are more overcoming obstacles than anything else. The songs all relate towards him. What makes the album most unique is Mendes sings all his on this album by himself and fulfils his dreams towards love.

This album shows the reality of love and not just what people want to believe. In a way, it goes through the thoughts of what a nice guy would think when he likes a girl. The songs that relate most to lives of teenagers would be “Mercy”, “Ruin”, and “Patience’’. They both relate to the soft side to guys which is different than most songs in the charts. Most songs are relating towards girls and how they might feel about a heartbreak, boy, or life, but this album switches the roles.


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