An overview of Trump’s Inauguration

“America first” were the words resonating D.C. on Friday, January 20th – Inauguration Day. For those of you who either never got the chance or had heard enough about politics but still wanted to watch the Inauguration, here is a summary of the what 45th President Donald Trump covered in his 17-minute Inaugural Address.

To put it simply, Trump delivered an unprecedented speech on the state of the country. Following no other president’s footsteps, he delivered a speech detailing how the country had fallen into the state of disrepair as the result of a corrupt and broken government.

“Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” Trump said.

At its very core, Trump’s Inaugural address was a message to us – the American people – that power would no longer rest within the government’s hands, but in the people. Trump declared that the moment did not belong to him or the politicians, but to us, the people.

Another core message of Trump’s speech was the idea of “America first.”

“We assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital, and in every hall of power. From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.” Trump said.

In a display of border-line anger at the government for “putting other nations before America,” Trump declared that America would follow a policy of putting the safety, finances, and prosperity of America before other nations.

For those of you unaware, Trump’s views are akin to the isolationist views America held in the days of the World Wars in which America stayed out of the affairs of other nations and kept to itself. Whether or not this view will work for the America of today remains to be seen.

Either way, Trump is our president now. There is no denying that. Whether you hate him or love him, he is the 45th president of the United States.

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