Guidance Corner: Steps For Success

Many students come into high school not knowing what they want to do with their lives or what classes to take to prepare for college. Not many people have mastered the game that is high school.

Senior Caitlin Shroeder said, “Do not be content with not understanding. If you have questions about something, then ask. High school really is not all that complicated as long as you do your ho

Senior Caitlin Shroeder

mework, get help as needed, and study. One piece of specific advice I have is, if you have a test, start studying a few days before and then return to it the night before to go over a few final things. Do not cram.”


Caitlin said it about as well as it can be said High school is not complicated as long as you get your work done and work hard. If you are determined, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

As far as testing a preparing for college goes, it is best to start taking your ACT/SAT tests as early as Sophomore or Junior year. This way you have more opportunities to see the test and improve on it.

LHS Guidance Counselor Mrs. Mineart said, “Students in all grade levels should take challenging courses (as much as they can handle) and do their best work.  That is the number one priority.  Develop a strong work ethic now and gain as much knowledge in any/all subjects as you can.  That will make you more competitive in the workforce and/or better prepared for college level work. It is also good to get involved in at least one activity or club.”

There you have it. With advice from an honors student and an expert guidance counselor, you have about as much as you need to crack the code to succeed in high school.


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