“Split” Movie Review

“Split” directed by M. Night Shyamalan was released in theatres January 20th, 2017. Staying atop the movie charts for three straight weeks in theatres, this thriller/horror film caught the attention of teens and adults around the country with its intense story line that kept viewers on their toes the entire movie. If you have not yet seen the movie and do not want to be spoiled on what the outcome is, please do not continue reading this review as it will spoil the ending for you.

The film is set up when three girls are abducted by a strange man in midday while leaving a restaurant at the mall to celebrate one of the girl’s birthdays. When they get chloroform sprayed in their own car, the girls black out and awake in a random room with two beds, a bathroom, and a wooden door with a hole that shows them a view of the adjoining room. They soon meet their capture and realize he is a man of many personalities (23 known personalities to be exact) suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

James McAvoy highlights the movie “Split” with his role as the capture, who goes by the name Kevin, and has multiple personalities. While keeping the three girls hostage for days, Kevin also sees his psychiatric doctor, Dr. Fletcher, on a much more frequent basis than he is used to, alerting her of this rare behavior she has not seen out of Kevin before. When she notices that Kevin is seeing her in a different personality than she is used to talking to before, the doctor becomes rather cautious and chooses to meet Kevin at his own place for their next meeting.

When Dr. Fletcher meets Kevin at night to talk about some of the emotions he is having, she notices there are many other rooms in the building, all with closed doors. Out of curiosity, she asks Kevin if she can use the bathroom, and while walking there, she decides to peek in one of the rooms that just so happened to hold one of the captive girls. In shock, Dr. Fletcher begins to cry, alarming Kevin to leave the kitchen where he finds his doctor has found one of the girls. Kevin is forced to chloroform spray his doctor and threw her while she was unconscious into the living room, in fear of her reporting him to police.

Kevin’s emotions began to collapse in on him and the audience soon sees the 24th personality that Kevin has never showed before: The Beast. This personality is superior to all personalities someone suffering from DID can attain, and it causes Kevin to want to feed off of other humans to stay alive. Kevin ends up killing Dr. Fletcher and two of the three girls he holds hostage during his rage under this personality before the last girl is freed by a man coming into work at the zoo where Kevin was living underground. While Kevin was never caught, the movie ends with great speculation that there may be a sequel to this thriller.

I personally gave this movie an 8/10 based on its thrilling story line and great role play from James McAvoy as the main character in this movie. I highly advise students who enjoy a good thriller, that is not a horror film, to go check this movie out before it leaves theaters!


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