Are There Dangers to Dying Your Hair?

It seems like in today’s day and age, dying your hair is becoming more popular than ever before. While it is exciting to try new looks and experiment with different colors, can dying your hair be damaging to your body? Is there a catch to dying your hair?

Research shows that the main reason hair dye is so tricky to work with is because of the chemicals in the dye. At LHS, we interviewed a few students with the coolest hairstyles.

“I have dyed my hair at least eight times. I do not remember all of the colors, but I remember having highlights, ombre, blue, and platinum.” Said senior Daley Lorhmann.

When dying your hair, there are always precautions that have to be taken seriously. For a lot of people, dying your hair can turn out differently than how it may look on someone else.

“I try to take in consideration how much will fry my hair and hurt it, or how short I will have to cut it from all of the dead ends after dying my hair. I can do different hairstyles with it, and plus it looks pretty cool.” Said Lorhmann.

The best way to protect your hair when getting it colored is to go and get a patch test done before hand. A patch test is when the hair dye is applied to a patch of skin first, to test if your skin reacts to it well before it goes on your head.

“I remember one time I tried to bleach my hair and it turned out more yellow than I expected. It was really bad, I looked like Big Bird.” Said freshman Raven Payne.

Coloring your hair can do some damage, but it depends on your hair type, and how your hair reacts to the chemicals.

“I have been dying my hair since the second grade, and my grandma is a hair stylist so she helps make sure my hair stays healthy.” Said Payne.

With some people, it can react different, but if you follow the right steps and procedures, this will help the color last longer. Take consistent care of your hair is another way to avoid damage from coloring your hair.






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