Students enlist in the military after high school

After high school, some students at Lebanon have already made their decisions on where they would like to go and what they would like to do. A few students decided that the military was their route to take. The different branches give people the opportunities for many different jobs and experiences.

“I chose to go into the Army to not only pay for my college, but I want to be a combat medic. This job allows me to help injured soldiers when in combat,” said senior Connor Emmert.

Emmert decided he wanted to join the Army in seventh grade because he knew early what he wanted to do in life. He will sign off for his contract of four years by the end of his senior year.

“My grandpa was in the Army and was a Military Police Officer. This influenced my decision because it got me thinking that this was an option for me, and now I feel it is the best option. I just want to help and do something small for the world,” said Emmert.

Another student that wants to help out the country the best to his ability is Dalton Konija.

“I want to go into the Army to be have a job in Air Defense. I will monitor the air space for enemy aircrafts and space crafts. My dad and brother have been in this area of the Army and it pretty much made my decision easy,” said senior Konija.

Konija wanted to join the Army part of the military because it had more job opportunities for what he wanted to do and to make a small difference. He enlisted his junior year and has a four-year contract.

Both seniors want to join the Army to help serve their country and make a difference in the world. Their opportunities make them both excited to start their military life after high school.

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