Safe Driving During Lunch

Seniors have the privilege to be able to go out to lunch if they maintain good grades and have had no issues or referrals. This is a privilege that should not be abused or taken advantage of. There has been an arising issue that has been brought to our attention by local authorities and school administrators. Students are in such a rush to get to their destination restaurant or house that they disobey traffic laws and are creating an unsafe environment for other citizens that are driving around the radius of the high school. This is causing many problems and the issue needs to be addressed. The school has addressed it with the threat of the privilege being taken away if you are caught and reported to the high school. Although this can be somewhat effective, there are still students disobeying the laws and continuing unsafe driving. Students should be informed and aware of what would happen if they were to be involved in a wreck, given a ticket, or any other negative scenario that could come out of this situation. This privilege is something that generations of kids at LHS have had and it would be a shame to see that our senior class ruined it for the rest of the generations to come. Follow that traffic laws and the issues will resolve themselves.

Thank you for your time,

The Pennant Staff.

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