Student Feature: Grace Purtlebaugh

Sophomore Grace Purtlebaugh, has started to make an impact on the LGBTQIA community within Lebanon High School by co-leading ALLY, the former Gay-straight alliance club.

“I feel that it is important to have ALLY and to talk about the touchy subjects we do, so that we are able to shed some light on issues that teens in our community face, especially ones that are a part of a minority,” said Purtlebaugh.

By hosting meetings, every other Thursday after school in Mr. Millar’s room, Purtlebaugh is giving students a chance to be a part of a trusted group that they can open up to about any issues they may be facing.img_7659

“We answer questions for each other, and have open conversations with people who we can trust,” said Purtlebaugh, “It is important for teens to have a line of communication with someone they can trust.”

Beyond ALLY, Purtlebaugh is also the sophomore class president, involved with the English, art and spelling teams, a member of SADD, Best Buddies, BCKGYLA, Madrigals and Charisma.

“I love to take leadership positions,” said Purtlebaugh, “And I really feel like I am doing my part at LHS by being involved.”

Although Purtlebaugh leads a busy life she still finds time for her more creative side. She enjoys doing make-up transformations. One of her recent masterpieces mimics Vincent van Gogh’s painting, “Starry Night.”

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