Here at Lebanon High School, apart of who we are has a lot to do with some of the traditions we first started years and years ago. Highlighting these traditions are the Trike Race, Thirst-Project Dance-A-Thon, and Frost Fest.

The Trike Race is one of the oldest, but most anticipated traditions of the entire school year. Mrs. Gaha, a science teacher here at LHS, has recently helped take over running the event along with Ms. Decker. The Sunshine Society then carries out the process of getting it ready for the day of the race.

“I love that our student body comes together for a fun time of cheering each other on. It has always been a positive start to the Homecoming week and it is moments like these when teachers, and staff see what a great student body we have. Other schools would not even try such an event. Students coming from LMS and the elementary schools know what the trike race is and look forward to their first participation in the event,” said Gaha.

When asked if the tradition would ever go away or change here at Lebanon High School, Gaha replied,

“Traditions at LHS are not to be messed with. As long as we are allowed to release students for the hour I do not see it changing.”

Another tradition that takes place during the winter sports season is Frost Fest. Frost Fest first became a tradition at LHS a little over 10 years ago and has been a hit for students ever since.


“A highlight of Frost Fest for me is seeing how excited the sophomore class gets when they actually get to be on a court,” said English teacher Mrs. Coddington.

Coddington believes the tradition will continue in the future since it has become well established with the students and really perks the winter season!

One last tradition that is more recent than the rest here at Lebanon High School is Thirst-Project’s Dance-A-Thon held in the springtime. The Dance-A-Thon first came to Lebanon in 2012 and became a hit from the start. Senior President of Thirst-Project, Zack Dafoe has done a lot to help get this event going.

“We will hold another convocation for the school to listen and see what Thirst-Project is all about. We invited Evan Wesley back to our school to talk about what this means to him and our organization which really helps draw students in to our cause,” said Dafoe.


This is Thirst-Projects biggest event all year and gets them most of their funds besides the funds they raise from sponsors around the community. Dafoe expects the Dance-A-Thon to get even bigger as the years go on and is really excited to see where it keeps going!