The Secret Life of Mr. Ferrell

At school, a teacher is busy doing work because their job is to teach. Although teachers try to make their job entertaining for students they are still doing work, and most student do not think about what teachers do when they are not at school.

Lebanon High School social studies teacher, David Ferrell, shared what goes on in a typical week at the Ferrell house. Ferrell has been married to his wife, Phyllis, for twenty years and has two boys, Luke and Jack. He also has two family dogs that his family loves dearly.

“On Sunday, I tend to daily chores such as walking and feeding the dogs in the morning and then get myself and the boys ready for church. After church, we usually go out for brunch, and then return home to complete once-a-week type chores such as laundry or grocery shopping,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell enjoys hanging out with his two sons and often has a lot of free time on Sunday to do so.

“We will play basketball together or even have a game to go to on Sunday afternoons,” said Ferrell.

Sunday is really dedicated to family time and preparing for the week ahead at the Ferrell house.

“We always eat dinner at home on Sunday nights, said Ferrell, “We also find something on T.V. that the whole family can enjoy.”

Sometimes there is work to be taken home. On Sunday night Ferrell plans and grades papers to prepare for school on Monday morning.

“My wife and I usually sit down after all chores and grading is done and map out the week ahead. This involves pulling out multiple calendars and talking to the boys about homework, tests and projects,” said Ferrell.

Mr. Ferrell’s wife travels internationally for work about every two weeks and is usually gone for 3-5 days at a time.

“Extra planning is necessary to assure that everyone knows what to expect when mom is gone,” said Ferrell.

Weekdays at the Ferrell house consist of typically the same daily chores and getting ready for each day in the morning.

“We have the same routine of walking and feeding the dogs and getting ourselves ready, I am usually always about five minutes late for work and am rushing in the morning, said Ferrell, “Last week grades were due, therefore my days were a bit more stressful and I started to lose more hair.”

“With basketball being a priority at our house, we generally attend – over the course of a weekend — a girl’s game, a boy’s game, a JV game, an 8th grade game that I coach, Luke’s freshman game, and Jack’s 4th grade travel basketball game,” said Ferrell.

Ferrell also finds time on the weekends to take his family out to dinner or to a college basketball game.

“This past month we saw Straight No Chaser at the Murat, an IU-Illinois basketball game, and a Purdue-Wisconsin basketball game. So, in a nutshell, this is my life. I love teaching and would not trade it for any other job (other than modeling); I love my kids and their sports; and I am blessed to lead an overly full life. We rush around, just trying to play catch up most of the time, but I am not sure we would like it any other way. There will come a time when the kids have moved on and life will seem slower. I’m sure I will miss it. So, I will find something more to do. Life’s too short to sit back and watch it go by,” said Ferrell.

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