Guidance Corner: How to Test

Lebanon High School students from all around know the plague of procrastination that haunts the hallways of high schools. There is still hope for those that may be weak test takers, have time management issues, and other problems that prevent a great score on a test. Here are some tips and advice for taking tests.

One way to combat unsuccessful test taking is to have a study schedule. This can be implemented by using a planner that you carry with you. By having this reminder, you can organize how long you study for on a certain day and what to study for. Make sure you are 100% certain you know the day of the test. Do not study the day before, but weeks prior, by studying over a long span of time you don’t have to cram for as long as you would the night before, which will help combat the issues of finding studying boring or a taking too long.

A second way to avoid a low grade on a test is to separate the hardest areas of the test and the subjects you have already learned or understand. By tackling the difficult areas or topics of a test first then you can easily split up your time and easily figure out what areas need more attention paid to them. The subjects you don’t understand as well as others should be given much more time to studied than subjects you already understand. This will improve your test scores for sure.

A third way is to take all distractions away from yourself. You may have to leave and go to a quiet place such as your room, or outside. Or you can keep your mind off of other distractions with music, white noise (which can be easily found on websites such as YouTube.) By giving yourself only work and studies to focus on it will help with productivity and increase study comprehension.

The next way is quite a different strategy, but it may work for you and that is motivating yourself. Maybe you make a promise that you are rewarded a candy bar, or a movie night with friends, or maybe you cannot be on your phone until you finish studying. Kick yourself into gear by using a desired object or event you can use to persuade and motivate yourself to work hard and study before the big test.

Finally, ask for help if you need it. Teachers and professors alike are in the educational system for the same reason, to help educate their students. Many teachers will happily sit with students before, during, and after school to give students help, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the test, due dates, study strategies, and other things confusing you. You can also reach a teacher through email and other online communication systems. Asking for help will clear up any doubts or confusion you have, which gives you a clean route to studying before tackling that test.

So, before you pull an all-nighter and score poorly take these tips into consideration and save yourself a hassle. With a little work and time management you and many other students can succeed in high school and or college and start receiving better grades.

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