Students Discuss the NBA Trade Deadline

On February 23rd, 2017, at approximately 3 p.m. ET, the much anticipated NBA trade deadline had come, ending one of the most active mid-season trading seasons fans had seen in quite some time. Headlining the trading deadline was one of the biggest mid-season trades fans have seen when all-star DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins was traded from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans during the NBA All-Star game in New Orleans. Cousins now joins another current all-star forward, Anthony Davis, who has been putting up some huge numbers in recent games throughout the season. Some other big name trades included Serge Ibaka leaving the Orlando Magic to head up north and play with the Toronto Raptors; and Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott of the Chicago Bulls leaving the Windy City to team up with Russell Westbrook and Victor Oladipo in Oklahoma City. But what about the Indiana Pacers and recent rumors of the team shopping their best player Paul George “PG”; was it the right thing to do by keeping him and not trading him away before he becomes a free agent next season? Or should the Pacers’ management have brought someone in to help the team be a title contender in order to keep George in Indianapolis?

Junior Corey Rakowski is a basketball player here at Lebanon High School and closely followed the trade deadline this year. Rakowski was most interested in what the Pacers would do before the deadline, but also commented on the other big trades around the league.IMG_1162

“I feel like the New Orleans Pelicans won the trade deadline because they acquired the best player, DeMarcus Cousins.  I think they will develop as a team with him and make a run in the playoffs in the next couple of years. I think the Pacers did the wrong thing by not trading away Paul George. He will be free agent next year and I feel he will leave after this year. He will not want to stay with us because he will want to win a championship,” concluded Rakowski.

Sophomore Alex Smith also plays basketball here at Lebanon High School and was also very surprised about the Pacers’ decision to not take any actions before the trade deadline.IMG_1180

“I believe the Pacers did the right thing in keeping “PG” but he may sign to a different team in free agency. I think the Pacers should have made a move however to help out PG but they have good surrounding players such as Jeff Teague and Myles Turner, so they didn’t really need someone to help they just have young team,” said Smith.

Junior Lucas Beck does not play basketball at the high school or outside of school, but was intrigued by this years’ trade deadline because of his love for the game.

IMG_1161“I think that the Pelicans and the Raptors “won” the trade. The Pelicans acquired “Boogie,” which I think will be a significant help for them. Plus, Anthony Davis and Boogie have the Kentucky connection. They haven’t played very well since acquiring Cousins, but I believe th
at they will get back on track and start winning games. The Raptors acquiring Ibaka was a good move as well. It seemed like the Raptors needed another big man down low to help with both defense and offense, and I think Ibaka can help with that. I do not believe any team truly lost the trade deadline though, I just wished the Pacers would have made a move or two,” said Beck

Despite all the grades sports analysist and fans have given the trades made in time for the deadline, the true grade will be determined at the end of the season when fans will have been given a chance to see how each new player performs on his new team.

Cover photo courtesy of: Google Images

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