Unrecognized Heroes at LHS

The Secretaries in Lebanon High School do more for students than what many students account for. When the Front office secretaries were asked about what they do during the course of a school day all their first initial answer was, “what do I not do?”

“Usually during a course of a day I work a lot with Mrs. Lisa Graham, receptionist, and assist all three principles. I work a lot with billings of AP exams and technology fees, and take care of all substitutes in the building. Mrs. Graham and I deal with the families together. She deals more of the students and I deal more with the parents,” said Principle Secretary Mrs. Vicki Miller.

Mrs. Miller also works also with the correspondents within the building and watches over all the other secretaries.

“What I enjoy most is seeing people grow from their freshman year to the day they graduate. It is also helpful to be able to fill in anyone’s position in the office as best we can to keep it rolling,” said Miller.

Mrs. Graham is the Receptionist/Secretary for the front office. Along with Mrs. Miller, she has been working with the Lebanon School Corporation for ten years.

“For having my office be in the front by the main doors, I basically catch anything that walks through the front doors. From parents dropping things off for students to enrolling students. I also deal with students getting parking spots, summers school and collect money for various reasons. The other main thing I do is order supplies and get all the crazy questions and phone calls,” said Graham.

Mrs. Graham enjoys her position as the Receptionist at LHS and being involved within the community.

“I like how it is different all the time for this job. No two days are the same and it makes it fun,” said Graham.

Mrs. Lisa Robinson is the Attendance Secretary and she has been working with the Lebanon School Corporation for twelve years.

“During each day, I take care of all the absences and appointment phone calls. I track late to schools and absences, and assign discipline for the first unexcused absence,” said Robinson.

Mrs. Robinson has worked also at Central Elementary School and liked both jobs the same. She enjoys working at LHS now to see how the students she had in elementary school grew up.

“I like this job especially because of the people I work with as well as meeting all the students in the school,” said Robinson.

Mrs. Anne Helkey is the Guidance Secretary at LHS and this is her first year working at LHS.

“I enroll all the students in the school and help guide them to their guidance counselors. I also maintain all of the students’ records, transcript requests, and coordinate honors night, college visits, and commencements,” said Helkey

Mrs. Helkey likes working in the Guidance Office as well as being involved with the School Corporation.

“I really love working with all the students and being in that environment. It’s nice to be able to help the students as best I can,” said Helkey.

The front office ladies all enjoy their jobs at LHS and meeting new students and people every day in a course of a usual day.

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