Konlie Westerfield named Senior Miss Twirler of Indiana

Talents outside of Lebanon High School have become more common. Sophomore Konlie Westerfield has been twirling since she was nine years old.image2 This talent is not new to her but every year when she competes, different and larger competitions come her way. In August, Westerfield will be competing in Croatia on the International Cup team. This year she has been named Senior Miss Twirler of Indiana.image3

“I started with a local coach because she was the secretary at my mom’s school. My coach since then has moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan and I have lessons with her every month. I won my very first competition and I was the Little Miss Twirler of Indiana and I have loved competing ever since,” said Westerfield.

Westerfield practices every day on her own, all year long, but only twice a month with her coach. Her competitions are monthly during her season. She wants to compete until she graduates high school, then image1hopefully twirl in college at Purdue University.

“I do not usually get nervous for competitions, but when I compete in Croatia I feel like I will because it is international. My biggest competition right now though is Nationals, and my favorite part about twirling is the thrill of twirling for big audiences and performing at the National level,” said Westerfield.



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