Pennant finds out where our former staff members went

Believe it or not, being in clubs and doing extra-curricular activities in high school can help you more in life than you think. One of the classes that we offer at Lebanon High School is Pennant, or newspaper staff. There have been many past Pennant Staff members that have gone on to do big things in the last year.

“During the summer after I graduated high school, I was elected to serve as the Indiana FFA president. IMG_1311My six teammates and I took the year off of college to serve Indiana FFA. I am living in Trafalgar, Indiana at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center with my team visiting agriculture education programs. I am also facilitating conferences for students across the state from grades 7-12, doing partnership business visits, and planning our State Convention,” said former Pennant staff Editor & Chief Jessica Mars.

Mars expressed that being a part of Pennant at Lebanon helped her become successful with things such as editing, computer programs, writing, time management, and, most importantly, taught her how to work with a team which is a skill she uses an abundance of with her position in FFA.

 “I am currently in my second semester at the University of Cincinnati and I am majoring in fashion design. Hopefully, I will do something in the fashion industry relating to pattern making, styling, or some kind of creative directing after I finish school. Being a Pennant staff member during my time in high school helped me learn how to meet a deadline and turn in things on time, which is very helpful in my design school considering that all of the homework is project-based,” said former Pennant Staff member Nora Wornhoff.

IMG_0350Wornhoff was encouraged by Pennant to be creative and to be unique, which has helped her in her pursuit of a career in the fashion industry.

“Right now I am a freshman at Ball State. I plan on managing and designing my own brand of clothing. IMG_2702I am an apparel design and fashion merchandising double major with a minor in marketing.IMG_2701 Being a part of Pennant in high school really gave me an outlet to express who I was, and gave me more practice at doing what I love. If it was not the photos, stories, and interviews, Pennant allowed me to design the website, make shirts for the group, and do off-the-wall Photoshops for members of our staff,” said former Pennant Staff member Ty Stratton.

Stratton went on to add that no matter what your skill set, knowledge, or ability, Pennant always can find a spot for you.


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