Baseball Is Back

With the start of Major League Baseball Spring Training this month, and with high school teams across the nation beginning practice as well, baseball in America is back. With the start of the season, brings high hopes for many teams and players around the Major Leagues.

“My favorite team is the Toronto Blue Jays, who is also who I think will win the World Series this year. The Jays’ picked up Kendrys Morales this offseason, who will add some more to their lineup. Their best player is Jose Bautista, and their best pitcher is Marcus Stroman,” said junior Lay Patel.


Junior Lay Patel

The Blue Jays lost a key player to free agency this offseason in first-baseman Edwin

Encarnación, but will still return notable players such as the reigning 2015 American League Most Valuable Player Josh Donaldson, and five time all-star Troy Tulowitzki.


“The Chicago Cubs are going to be back-to-back World Series Champions after this year. They picked up a good closer in Wade Davis this offseason, which they needed after Aroldis Chapman left for the Yankees. Their best pitcher is going to be Jon Lester, and Kris Bryant as a position player. The Red Sox are the biggest threat to them winning another World Series,” said freshman Daniel Hood.

Freshman Daniel Hood

Hood is not the only one who feels that the Cubs have a good chance of being back-to-back World Series Champions.



“The Chicago Cubs are my favorite team, and they have the best chance of winning the World Series this year. They lost Dexter Fowler to the St. Louis Cardinals, which is going to make things interesting with the two teams playing in the same division. However, the Cubs still have a strong pitching rotation and good team overall,” said sophomore Ryan Nastav.

Sophomore Ryan Nastav


There are other teams in Chicago that have been a little underappreciated since the Cubs captured the World Series last October.


“The Chicago White Sox have been my favorite team since I was younger. We traded our best pitcher Chris Sale to the Red Sox for three young prospects, but we still have Carson Fulmer as a good pitcher. Jose Abreu will contribute a lot this year and hopefully some of those prospects will as well. I think that the Cleveland Indians will win the World Series this year, but the White Sox will have a chance in the near future,” said senior Zach Nies.

Senior Zach Nies

The MLB season officially kicks off on Sunday April 2, with two games taking place and the rest of the league beginning the season in the following week. It should be an eventful season up until the new Champion is crowned in October.

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