Lebanon Mayor’s Youth Council

It is time to face the fact that our future is approaching fast, and we as high-school students are in charge of shaping the world that we want to live in. Luckily, some of our colleagues are already looking out for the future and upcoming generations of Lebanon.

The Lebanon Mayor’s Youth Council is a younger version of a city council that works alongside the Mayor and City Council to try and share a younger perspective with them of different problems/projects our community is facing. The Youth Council shares their perspective in order to ensure a better future for the people of Lebanon.

“We are all paired up with a member of the City Council so that we have someone that mentors us a that we can bounce ideas off of. We have an exciting new project in the works that will greatly effect Lebanon High School and the well-being of students around LHS. I like being on the council because it makes me feel that I have a greater voice in what goes on in fixing the issues in Lebanon,” said junior and Youth Council President Abbey Krulik.

Council President Abbey Krulik

Some of the members include President Abbey Krulik, Vice President Kobe Burtron, Treasurer Kaitlyn Moreno, and Secretary Natalee Benavides, along with many other members involved with the program.

“Our main goal is to incorporate the Lebanon High School student body in more of the local government and things that are happening around the town so that our voices can be heard, and it also advocates for youth activism. I enjoy having direct contact with the mayor, formal and informal, along with his advisors because it bridges that gap from older generations to younger generations when we get to interact and actually be friends with the

Lebanon Council Member Robert Muse-Myers

m,” said Lebanon Junior and Youth Council Member Robby Muse-Myers.

The Youth Council has meetings with Mayor Matt Gentry every other week to discuss new projects that they would like to pursue.

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