Breaking Down the March Madness Bracket Challenge

One of the most anticipated events in all of college sports is the March Madness tournament that takes place each year through the months of March and April. Known for its extremely competitive bracket challenges, kids and adults around the world compete to try and fill out the perfect bracket that will win them the grand prize of a trip to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational and $10,000 dollars in Amazon gift cards. Since the first bracket challenge ever started, no one in history has been able to perfectly complete a bracket where they have been able to predict the outcome of every single game.

FullSizeRender 7.jpgFreshman Jarret French is extremely excited about this year’s March Madness tournament when comparing it to years past because his favorite team, the Kansas Jayhawks, are a number one seed and highly possible national championship basketball team heading into the tournament.

“Although I don’t watch a whole lot of basketball and do not play it myself, I do like watching Kansas play,” said French.

French didn’t choose a lot of upsets when filling out his bracket, but does think Kansas St. will upset Cincinnati in the first round. French also believes his Kansas Jayhawks will bring home the hardware this April.

“Obviously, I think the Jayhawks will win it all and I don’t expect Purdue, Notre Dame, or Butler to make it past the Sweet 16,” concluded French.

IMG_5105Sophomore Maddie Wirey on the other hand is not really looking forward to this year’s tournament compared to years past.

“This year’s tournament is just another tournament for me as I don’t really have a favorite team in it, I just support some of the schools I like,” said Wirey.

Wirey called quite a bit of upsets when filling out her bracket as she had Xavier upsetting Maryland, Michigan upsetting Louisville, and Purdue upsetting Kansas in the Sweet 16.

“I do believe Purdue will go to the Final 4 and lose to UCLA, but I think Villanova will win it all. Notre Dame and Butler will both lose in the Sweet 16,” concluded Wirey.

Junior Ally Zink is a life-long Purdue Boilermaker fan and is very excited but nervous about this year’s tournament knowing Purdue’s history in March in years past.

“Purdue has a really good team this year with Caleb Swanigan dominating down low and freshman Carson Edwards doing a great job as a point guard, but Purdue has choked in years past so I’m nervous as I don’t want them to do the same thing this year,” said Zink.

Zink has West Virginia upsetting Gonzaga in the Sweet 16, Butler beating North Carolina in the Sweet 16, Oklahoma State knocking off Michigan in the first round, and VCU upsetting Arizona. Zink also believes the championship game will come down to Duke vs. Kansas with the Blue Devils coming out on top.

“Purdue will hopefully go farther than they have in years past and make it past the Sweet 16. Indiana teams in general will do well I believe as they have all improved over the past three years,” concluded Zink.

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