The Lebanon Tiger Pride Marching Band Welcomes Their New Drum Majors

The Lebanon Tiger Pride Marching Band is moving into a new season this summer, which means a new show, new members and new leadership.

Sophomores Julie Cupka and Amber Smith have now stepped into the roles of drum major to lead the Tiger Pride throughout their summer competition season, as well as the fall for football games.

“As a drum major I help in leading the band in warm-ups and keep tempo by conducting them.  I also help by being an overall motivator,” said Cupka.

Sophomore Julie Cupka

Both Cupka and Smith had to go through an audition process starting with an application, then lessons from former drum major, senior Briana Carter, and finally conducting a few pieces for the wind ensemble.

Even though the drum majors are still members of the band, there are a few differences and a few more responsibilities.

“Now we come earlier for practice and sometimes we need to stay later.  We do not play, either, but we still work on rhythms and with the music the band gets,” said Cupka.

Sophomore Amber Smith

“We have to know the music and know the field.  As a drum major, you are a leader, an example.  We also check in with members to make sure that they are doing well.  We also bring extra supplies in case one of the players might need them,” said Smith.

This season is also different from last year’s as there will be two drum majors, instead of one.

“Since there are two of us, depending on the number of responsibilities, Julie and I will split them, so that not all the responsibility is not just on one person and we will be able to rely on each other,” said Smith.

With their show music already written, coordinates being set and after school practices starting in a few weeks, the Tiger Pride is already hard at work in preparation for their next season and their new leaders are right there with them.

“I am excited to get to know everybody and make great memories with them.  I also cannot wait to see how our show will turn out,” said Smith.

“It will be interesting to be able to hear all the parts now, because usually when you are out on the field you only hear your section.  I am also really looking forward to being able to help everyone as much as possible,” said Cupka.

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