LHS Unique Makeup Artists

If you have been on any social media platform in the past year, you would notice a rising trend of different beauty gurus and idealists, trying out all of the stylish new brands of 2017. With Instagram and Twitter, brands like Kylie Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills can easily promote their brands and gain a relentless audience.

Even in the smallest of places, for example, right here at Lebanon High school.

Junior Maggie Bishop has always been attentive to her makeup style, she uses it as an expression of art, enjoying the different personalities she can play.

“It makes me feel happy and it is very therapeutic to wake up in the morning and spend an hour on my face. Most people think it is crazy, but I really enjoy it.” said Bishop.

“Using makeup requires a lot of care, so I would have to recommend using face masks-but not ones with chemicals in it,” says Bishop. “Or what I do is rub ice cubes on my face every day too, I have not had any pores since then.”

“I use it as a way to feel good about myself and show my creativity,” said senior Brady Krueger. About two years ago, Krueger became fascinated with makeup through a friend. Shortly after, Krueger started watching tutorials on his own, instantly hooked.

“I am pretty sure I have spent around a thousand dollars so far,” said Krueger.

“Makeup does not define me. I mean I like looking like a different person for a day sometimes, but it is just for fun.” said junior Jasmin Hashlafi.

“When I was nine, I would go in to my grandma’s bathroom and play with her makeup all the time, and she would sneak and buy me Avon makeup- I still have the first lipstick she bought me.” said Hashlafi.

“A year ago I started doing makeup for people around Lebanon. For prom, I did a few of my friends’ makeup, which was fun.” said Hashlafi. So far, Jasmin has spent around two thousand dollars on makeup alone this year.

Jasmin plans on turning this hobby into a future career choice, attending Aveda Fredric’s Institute, in Indianapolis.

“I like doing a lot of different looks because it is exciting to become a different person, which in turn helps me accept myself more.” Said sophomore Grace Purtlebaugh.

About two years ago Grace started playing around with acrylic paints, beginning her creative hobby of doing stage makeup.

“I used to be obsessed with the musical Cats growing up, so one day I sat down and just painted myself as one,” says Purtlebaugh, “I just had a weird urge to put acrylic paint on my face for some reason, and now I do it for the pure art of it.” said Purtlebaugh.

Grace is one of many talented makeup enthusiasts at LHS. In today’s trending society, makeup has become a bold statement, being raised by this generation’s confident men and women.

No matter what way, shape or form, art is art; whether you enjoy painting a picture or painting your face. A growing number of individuals are following popular beauty trends, starting with a few right here at LHS.

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