The Importance of Last Walk

With the school year winding down the senior class will be going through many of their last experiences of high school.

A tradition that is held dear to many students, faculty and alumni of Lebanon High School is Last Walk.  This tradition has been held at the school for over 50 years and is always on the last day of school after the seniors finish practicing for graduation.  This gives those graduating a chance to walk the halls one last time with members of their class and gives them time to say goodbye to any friends and faculty before they graduate.

Last Walk can be very emotional for the seniors, their families and other students.  Graduating is a huge step and an accomplishment that should be celebrated, but can also be very nerve-racking for those involved.  It is not shameful to get emotional at the sight of a friend or family graduating and taking their final steps into adulthood.  You are celebrating their accomplishments and emotions have a tendency to overpower that.  Also, note that if you see a student, a member of the faculty or a family member get emotional during Last Walk is not a time to poke fun or criticize them as it is not them seeking attention or being dramatic, it can just be overwhelming.

Last Walk is not a time to goof off with friends and be disrespectful to other students and faculty.  If you do not know anyone who is graduating this year that is fine, but you should still treat it with respect.  Do not treat this as “oh, we are not in class right now, I can do whatever I want”, because that is not the purpose of this event.  Give those graduating your undivided attention for their sake and that of others who are participating in Last Walk.

Just remember that Last Walk means a lot to students and teachers here at LHS and should be given the dignity and respect it deserves.  Enjoy the experience you get to have with your school and your classmates and remember that you will want the same respect when you are the one walking down the halls one last time.

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