McGregor Holds His Own Against Mayweather

One of the biggest boxing matches of this decade occurred on Saturday, August 26th. It was a highly-anticipated fight, and most people predicted the winner, but the fight concluded long after most people would have suspected it to.

The match was between world-renownd UFC fighter Connor McGregor, who holds a 21-3 record in his young career in the UFC, and Super Welterweight champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who most would consider the best boxer of his generation with a 49-0 record.

“I came into the fight rooting for McGregor and he really held his ground until the 4th or 5th round when he started to get wounded and Mayweather started picking him apart. If they were to take it into the octagon for a UFC fight, Mayweather would stand no chance at all,” said senior Layne Coffman.IMG_1706

Like Coffman, many fans were surprised when the fight lasted as long as it did. Usually when someone is out of their natural habitat or sport, they are left vulnerable. However, McGregor held his own in the ring and deemed himself worthy of one of the best all-around fighters that there is.

“I was personally rooting for Mayweather. You could definitely tell that it was McGregor’s firIMG_7986.JPGst boxing match because around the 3rd round he started running out of energy and will to fight. I do not think that they should have another fight with UFC rules in the octagon because they have already shown stand-up fighting,” said senior Logan Dickey.

The fight went better than expected and contributed hugely to both fighters, with McGregor making out with $30 million and Mayweather taking home a purse of $100 million, as well as contributing to the UFC and Professional Boxing organizations. Now, could we see more mixed-sports battles in the future?

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