Students Stepping Out: 4-H Edition

There are many clubs, activities, and sports that LHS has to offer… But what about the activities that are offered outside of school? Many students at LHS have reached outside of their comfort zones by getting involved in one of the most diverse groups you can choose to be involved in – 4H.

The Boone County 4H fair is an annual week – long event that goes on during late July. The fair is filled with deep fried cookie dough, lemon shake ups, and foot long corn dogs that are almost irresistible to the eye. But what about the different projects, animals, and talent shows you are able to see? Anyone under the age of 18 is allowed to enter in a project; whether that be scrapbooking, self determined, photography, cake decorating, talent, drawing, or showing different types of animals. Each year every student works on their projects for months before the fair, or they practice showing their animals prior to July.

Alynna Sell 4-HJunior Alyna Sell has been involved in 4H for six years. Sell’s main focus in 4H now is
photography, but in the past she has done child development, foods, and food preservation. Sell said that she’s stayed motivated to do her best throughout these six years because her love and passion for photography always makes her strive to give her all.

Kaitlyn Rittenberry 4-HJunior Kailyn Ritenberry has been involved in 4H for four years. Ritenberry participates in fine arts, photography, and miscellaneous. Ritenberry said, ‘I’ve stayed motivated these past 4 years because I would like to have the opportunity to run for fair queen, and you have to be involved in 4H. It’s definitely something that makes it worth it in the end,’ (Junior, Ritenberry).

Katie Hasty 4-HJunior Katie Hasty has been involved in 4H for eight years. Hasty is involved in gift wrapping, junior leaders, scrapbooking, and fine arts. Hasty said, ‘Being creative has definitely kept me motivated. 4H is definitely an activity that helps expand your creativity, all the while helping your passion(s) for your projects expand as well,’. Hasty recommends to all young children or even high school students starting out in 4H to never give up. ‘Even if you don’t think you’ll excel in the activity, at least try it out because you never know what your true talent is until you put it to the test,’ (Junior, Hasty).

Maci 4-HSenior Maci French will be starting out her tenth year in 4H this coming summer. French is widely involved in 4H. She shows swine, dairy goats, poultry, and she also does shooting sports, home environment, and junior leaders. French said, ‘My motivation comes from the idea of working hard because the harder you work, the better outcome you have when judging time comes around,’. French’s passion grew within the 4H community, and that’s when she began to get even more involved within 4H. ‘I would recommend to any incoming 4H members to never be afraid to ask older 4H members questions because we would be more than happy to help you out,’ (Senior, French).

Logan 4HSenior Logan Achor has been involved in 4H for eight years. Achor showed dogs, built rockets, and did self-determined when he was younger, but now he only competes in the self-determined portion of 4H. Achor not only found a passion within 4H, he also discovered through one of his projects that he wants to now attend Purdue University and become a pilot. Achor recommends to any 4H member to, ‘Step outside of your comfort zone and try anything you can because it could lead you to where you want to be someday,’.

Cody Hollingsworth 4-HSenior Cody Hollingsworth will be starting his 10th year of 4H, but he has actually been involved with livestock since before he could remember. Hollingsworth shows cattle and swine and he finds his motivation within his animals and all of the different opportunities 4H has to offer. ‘I would recommend to any incoming 4H members to never get down if you lose. You win some and you lose some, but no matter what the outcome is just keep working hard,’ (Senior, Hollingsworth).

4H not only challenges you to think outside of the box, but it also challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s animal showing, scrapbooking, talent, photography, or any of the other interesting options 4H has to offer, you’ll face obstacles that will not only better you in your topic, but also better your skills within your everyday life. Are you up for the challenge?

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