Just Lift It: Changes in Weight’s Class Bring Higher Expectations

Having a new weights coach, Beth DeVinney, means having new expectations. DeVinney has paired up with coach Turner on making students go through more harsh training and are expected to have extra speed and agility.

“Weights teaches me to continue to work hard and to never quit,” said senior Bobby Mills.

Senior John Parks is trying to get better at his back squat and he wants to be lifting 405 lbs. by the end of this school year. Parks mentioned how nice it is not having to do abs this year however they are making up for it with running.

“Coach turner really has helped me push myself, I always walk away feeling satisfied on how much effort I put into the workout,” said Parks.

Senior Jacob McClaine plans on breaking the back-squat record of 500 lbs. McClaine has been taking a weights class since his freshman year. He is currently squatting 480 lbs., but by the end of the year wants to be lifting 505 lbs.

“Weights class definitely helped me in sports by making me bigger, stronger, and faster. I am sure that it will help others become faster too,” said McClaine.

This is Coach Turner’s 2nd year at Lebanon High School. He believes that Trevor Adler will break his time for the 40-meter dash, and could also break the broad jump record. Coach is really pushing McClaine this year on the back-squat record. Turner is focusing this year on running so athletes can have better range of motion with their bodies.

“I think weight lifting is stereotypically only for guys and I think that even in this day of age girls are starting to realize that weight lifting is going to help them in sports I think there is still that prejudice towards guys being in weight lifting. I think the girls that are in here need to really spread the word on how its helped them get better, it showed on the field how they got better at lifting and running and I think it will slowly catch on,” said Coach Turner.

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