By. Madison Skiles

Lebanon High School and the community it is established in is making way to present school spirit and support for our Lebanon Tigers!

A council of students seeking change in the community came together to make a change that would bring the school and city together.

“We know we wanted to rebrand the town and have more people show school spirit,” Said senior Natalee Benavides.

The group not only had to go to multiple board meetings not only in front of the school board but city council.

“We went door to door to tell people about the sign change, there was mixed reactions from the community- we even had a meeting for the community to share their thoughts.” Said Benavides

It is no surprise that plenty of thought had to go into created, designing, and establishing the sign changes in Lebanon’s community, not to mention the effort given by those on the council.

“We had to go to the school board, they were weary at first about the cost and funding of the signs, but after explaining the cost would be much lower they werefine with it.” Said senior Kobe Burtron.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.22.33 AM.png

Senior Kobe Burtron, Vice President of Student Council.

The signs in the entirety of Lebanon will be changed gradually in a year and the council is excited to see the reactions of the community.

“We hope these signs attract the community to games and events…I hope that the community feels more connected, and the students feel connected to the community as though they are a parent or school staff member.” Said Burtron.

“I hope more people see how proud we are of our school and it places a good image of the town and school spirit.  Said Benavides

It seems that the students and staff of Lebanon High School are in high hopes that these sign changes will bring about more school spirit, communal pride, and show the loyalty the community shares with the school.