College Football Stud’s and Dud’s

College Football Studs and Duds Showing Early

With the beginning of September, comes the start of College Football. Weekends are full of football, and college stars shine right in the middle of it on sunny Saturday afternoons and starlit Saturday nights.

The week 3 AP polls saw some new teams making their way in to the top 5 teams in the nation.

  • Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)
  • Oklahoma Sooners (2-0)
  • Clemson Tigers (2-0)
  • USC Trojans (2-0)
  • Penn State Nittany Lions (2-0)

To no surprise, Alabama tops the poll as they have ninety-one other times since the poll was created in 1936. However, number 2 comes as a surprise to some as the Oklahoma Sooners made a move from number 5 this week after defeating the previous number 2 ranked Ohio State buckeyes (now 8th in the polls).

“Indiana University is my team in College Football. They are doing well and they are currently 1 and 1 on the season. They have already got their toughest opponent in Ohio State out of the way and even though they lost, they competed well. Their best player is their wide-receiver Simmie Cobbs Jr. and he is going to carry them this year and then go to the NFL”, said junior Cameron Johnson.

junior Cameron Johnson

As of right now, the Sooners are the biggest riser in the polls. With a high-powered offense run by Heisman Trophy Frontrunner Baker Mayfield and a solid defense, they will be hard to beat and will be the biggest contender in the Big-12 Athletic Conference.

As usual, the Crimson Tide are amidst the best in college football, but keep an eye out for a possible upset coming their way with the tough competition they will encounter in the Southeastern Conference.

“My team is Oklahoma State and they are doing decent. They are currently 2 and 0 and play Pitt this week. We have a good chance of winning the Big-12 if we can beat the Oklahoma Sooners. Their quarterback Mason Rudolph could win the Heisman this year and is going to be a big contributor for them”, said sophomore Jacob Winger.

sophomore Jacob Winger

A few upsets have already occurred, but there are still many more to come as we are still in the first leg of a long College Football Title race.

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