News of the Week: September 10th-16th

The Pennant’s News of the Week is meant to round up news stories that have taken place within the past week, ranging from international to local news.

National: On Wednesday, September 13th, Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington was attacked by one of its own students.  The suspect, who remains unidentified because he is a juvenile, shot four students, wounding three and killing one.

A custodian was able to defuse the situation and got the suspect to surrender.

Charges have not yet been filed, but the Spokane County Sheriff is pushing for the shooter to be charged as an adult with premeditated murder.

Sports: ESPN and one of its anchors has found itself in hot water again this year after SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill, proceeded to weigh in on her opinion of President Trump.  Hill tweeted out calling him a white supremacist and alleged that he has surrounded himself with other white supremacists.

Hill also tweeted out that Trump is unfit as president and would have never been elected if “he were not white.”

So far, Hill has only been suspended, which many are claiming is ESPN going against its own policy, especially if this is not the first time an employee has been suspended for this type of behavior.  Normally after the second offense of an employee posting something that is deemed unacceptable by ESPN would result in a firing, but not in Hill’s case and many are very unhappy with how ESPN has dealt with anchors pulling in political views into their programming.

Technology: This week, Apple unveiled their new devices for this year at the newly constructed Steve Jobs Theatre.

The tech giant announced two new phone designs, the iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 sports a single 12-MP camera lens, while the 8 Plus comes with dual lens.  They also come with LCD panels for the screens and come with the Touch ID passcode option.

The biggest announcement was the iPhone X, whose design is drastically different from its predecessors.  There is no Home Button and instead of a Touch ID, there is facial recognition instead.  This facial recognition software also allows the user to animate animal emojis by following the movements of the user.

Finance: This week it was announced that Equifax, a credit reporting company, was the victim of a data breach and more than 143 million Americans and an unknown number of Canadians and British customers’ credit card information had been leaked.

People became outraged when it was revealed that Equifax waited six weeks to notify any of their customers about the breach.  However, the credit report company did not notify anyone specifically as to whose information was hacked, instead they set up a website that would not be ready for several days after the announcement.

Equifax originally stated that they would give free credit report monitoring for a year to those who waived their right to sue the company for damages.  They later retracted this statement and said that customers could sue if they sent in a written notice within the next 30 days.

As of now, Equifax has not made any further comments on the matter, nor have they notified who specifically was affected by the breach.

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