Students React to North Korea’s Nuclear Threats

“The U.S. will become ashes and darkness.”  This is the newest statement to come out of North Korea as the country continues to threaten the United States, among other nations.

Over the past few months, North Korea has begun to test more and more nuclear weapons and launching them into the Pacific Ocean.  This has threatened Japan and Guam numerous times now and the United Nations has now called for sanctions to be put in place against further tests.

The United States Department of Defense announced that if threats are made to the U.S., its territories or any of our allies, military action will be taken.

With new developments every day and the threat becoming more and more immediate, how are students feeling about it.


“North Korea is an old threat that needs to go,” senior Parker Jamison said.


Jamison has already enlisted in the Marines and said that he if the call would arise for being deployed to North Korea, he would be okay with going.

“I do not think that [North Korea] is going to go through with it.  They are just using it as a scare tactic,” said senior Danielle Stewart.

Stewart recently enlisted in the Army and had similar feelings to Jamison on being deployed overseas.


“If I had to be sent there I would go without hesitation.  If it means I am serving my country I will do it,” Stewart said.

The U.S. have not said exactly what their plan of attack will be yet.  However, South Korea and Japan have started responding their own way.  South Korea began testing bombs close to the border, while Japan has threatened military action and testing of their own near the country.

When asked about how the U.S. should deal with the problem Jamison said, “Maybe reaching a peaceful agreement, but if that fails we should take military action, perhaps attacking plants.  But I do not think we should have a full-out invasion.”

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