Student Feature: Dom Nyariangwe

Lebanon High School has its fair share of unique, outspoken and passionate students from all backgrounds, ethics, and identities.  Senior Dom Nyariangwe is one of these expressive and individualistic students.

Nyariangwe is a slam poet, writer, and passionate LGBTQ member. Nyariangwe is a part of a slam poetry team that competes in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“It is spoken word, poetry in action,” said Nyariangwe as he describes slam poetry.

Nyariangwe does not just write in and out of school, but also meets with a coach for private lessons on slam poetry and poetic delivery. The team meets up for practices and competes at the library in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

“I had low self- esteem for a while, and my writing just was not coming together like I wanted it to, then I found this website for the poetry team, I submitted two poems and they said they wanted me at the next practice.” said Nyariangwe.

Nyariangwe expressed just how powerful being able to be a part of the team was and how it has helped him to become the person he is today.

“It has helped me grow and find my own voice, and my own political voice… A space where it is okay to be myself” said Nyariangwe.

Nyariangwe takes ideas and inspirations from the struggles of living as a trans man in today’s society and in today’s political conditions, what it is like to be a minority in a small town, and day to day struggles of people’s views on Nyariangwe’s lifestyle.

Nyariangwe also shared what his journey has been from transitioning from female to male.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.17.55 PM

“March 28th, 2015- I came out, I felt refreshed- born again almost, I came out when I was 15; I missed 15 years of my life as a man.”

He shared the struggles of people’s reactions on a daily basis and the hate that can come from being a trans man.Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.24.05 PM.png


“People spread hate, people miss-gender me, even threats are said…My friends have been supportive and people to my face seem happy for me.” Said Nyariangwe


Nyariangwe expressed the importance of being true to yourself, and being happy for who you truly are. Nyariangwe also gave advice to those that may be facing similar changes or views of identity that he has gone through as well.

“Always remember you are only the one that knows your truth. It does not matter what others think, you know yourself better than anyone else. It does get better, and this, all of this, is just temporary

. Why exist in a glass house? Because it could all shatter at any moment in time. Find cool friends, respect your pronouns and sexuality, as well as others.”

Nyariangwe is a brilliant, and unique student that will be graduating soon this 2017-2018 school year, and most likely using his voice to spread awareness and make a difference in this world. Nyariangwe is one of many students willing to be themselves and step outside of their comfort zone to be an individual and passionate person. Lebanon High School truly holds an inspiring student.

Photos Courtesy of Instagram: @dom_fatboy



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