Dogs, most commonly known as a man’s best friend, can help you when you are down, or even celebrate with you when you are happy.

With recent events in Las Vegas, dogs were sent from Illinois and other states to Nevada in hopes of providing comfort and support to victims and the first responders who were affected by the mass shooting. A total of 18 dogs were sent and all dogs seemed to be a stress reliever for those in need, even if it was just for a short amount of time.

“I have heard about dogs helping their owners and people in need.  It warms my heart to think that dogs are capable of feeling when humans need help.  Dogs and friends are basically the same thing,” said senior Megan Sosbe.


Kylie, Megan Sosbe’s dog

Sosbe is not the only individual who thinks so, though. Many “Aweee’s” were exclaimed when the comfort dogs arrived to Nevada.

“She is always sweet and smiles constantly,” this is how Sosbe describes Kylie, her golden retriever.

Sosbe considers her dog to be one of her favorite listeners, and best friend.

Jacob Pickett, a deputy with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, has an unlikely partner: his three-year-old German Shepherd Belgian Malinois, Brik.

“My favorite characteristics [of Brik] are that he always wants to please me and he will do anything I ask him even if it makes him uncomfortable. Also, Brik loves to go to work.  The most exciting part of any day to Brik is when I walk out to his kennel in uniform,” said Pickett.

Brik is trained in officer protection. He knows how to protect Pickett, find narcotics, complete article searches, area and building searches, tracking, and apprehension.


Officer Taylor Nielsen & K9 Brik

Within the past year, Brik has made many contributions to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. He has worked alongside Pickett nearly 200 times. Not only was Brik out in the field numerous times, he is responsible for the seizure of almost $30,000 worth of illegal drugs. Brik has located two suicidal people. While Brik is trained to follow both verbal and hand commands, he only follows silent hand commands while out in the field.

“Without Brik, I would not be half the deputy that I am.  I love working with a dog and have seen with my own eyes on multiple occasions what a dog can do for you and how they can help,” said Pickett.


Deputy Pickett & Brik

Photos Courtesy of Jacob Pickett, Megan Sosbe and Boone County Sheriff’s Office