Looking Into “Fiddler on The Roof”

Taking place the weekend of November 17th , 18th , and 19th is the Lebanon High School musical production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

“My favorite part is seeing all the moving pieces come together it takes so many gears to make the show run. I think it is fun to see everybody’s face when it all comes together.  It always seems to be the last day or two when the musical starts to mesh and everyone’s talents come together,” said auditorium manager, Wade Thatcher.

Everyone can be involved with the musical, but Lebanon High School’s choir director Gwendolyn Scheoeff always has done auditions to see what type of role students are interested in portraying.  Then she decides who personality fits the those characters the best.

“I got my part because Perchik fits my personality well.  Perchik is from a different place and used to different customs. When he came into the village everybody thought he was weird because he believed that women should be able to choose their spouse. Perchik also fights for what he believes in. which is also what I do. I always fight for my beliefs even if it means me getting in trouble,” said junior Johnathan Moore.

During the musical actors love to form friendships, and junior Kailyn Rittenberry really has had a good time with all of her friends during the production of the play.

Junior Kailyn Rittenberry

“Johnathan Moore is my love interest in this show, so we have some fun trying to make them fall for each other even though they fight all the time. It has been really fun,” said Rittenberry.

Musicals have big and small parts, but senior Madison Scott believes that the small parts are just as important. She believes that everyone is working hard this year to produce a great musical.

“I am woman number two, so it is kind of a big deal.  As woman number two, I say, “I’ll see you before I leave.” It is the small parts that really matter, but alsoall of the hard work Mrs. Scheoeff puts in,” said Scott.

The stage crew has a lot of responsibility, and most of the time they get unnoticed by the audience. However, the cast really seems to love them. The actors call the stage crew, “the bra,” because it supports and hold everything together.

“I am a manger, I make sure stuff gets done, it can be stressful but that is the nature of the beast,” said junior, Jacob Tribby.

Thatcher helped with the stage crew all four years of high school. After

Junior Jacob Tribby

coming back as a teacher, he has been in charge of it for seven years. Although crazy things have happened during the years like the curtain falling last year, Thatcher has always been there to make sure that the show runs smoothly.

“My goal going into the show is always to have it student ran as much as possible on the nights of the show. I consider it a success if I can sit back and watch,” said Thatcher.

Thatcher always has an extra couple pairs hands helping him managing the crew. Hunter Smith is in charge of lights. and Tribby is in charge of the sound.


Choir teacher Gwendolyn Scheoeff

“There is a lot that goes on in a short amount of time, so it has to be managed very closely. I am there with Thatcher to make sure stuff is getting done,” said Tribby.

Fiddler on the roof has a very big cast this year. It takes a lot of cooperation, communication and teamwork with all the different members to make the show a success.

“This year is going to be fantastic. We have a good band that Mr. Conrad leads. Mr. Thatcher is leading a twenty-member stage crew and we have roughly 35 singers and actors. This
will be a great production,” said Mrs. Scheoeff.


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