Why Studying for Finals is ESSENTIAL

With a little under four weeks left until Christmas, finals week is quickly approaching! While finals week can be one of the most stressful weeks of the year for many students, knowing one test is going to make up 20% of your final grade. Finals week can also be the time of the year where many students could potentially save their grades and perform well enough to raise their projected grade by a whole letter grade! This leaves many students wondering: What can I do now to make sure I do well on the test?

Senior Kaitlyn Moreno takes advantage of studying for finals as soon as the teachers pass out study guides. Moreno spends no more than 45 minutes studying for each class the week of finals, but knows studying for them is very important considering they are 20% of your final grade.

Moreno believes all students should set aside time to study for finals, no matter if you are a freshman or a senior in high school.

“All of your grades will be on your transcript when applying to colleges as a senior, so finals do matter. It could really affect your future if your freshman grades are really bad,” said Moreno.

Senior Nick Zamora begins preparing for finals almost a month before finals week actually gets here. Zamora approaches his first semester finals very seriously as he looks at them as a good indicator of how well he will do on his AP test.

Zamora strongly encourages all students to approach finals week prepared, and reassured they will do well on the test.

“Even if you are not thinking about a specific college or a specific field of study, grades matter, and to think they do not is only going to limit your options when you finally feel ready to make a decision about your future,” said Zamora.

Senior Abbey Krulik believes finals week is the most important week of the entire school year and should be taken seriously by all kids in high school, no matter if you are planning to attend college or not.

“There is no reason why you should not prepare for finals. This test is supposed to assess where you are at educationally in the middle of the year, and your grade will reflect that,” said Krulik.

Finals will play a huge part in making up your GPA, which is important for every college application, so if you are hoping to get into competitive post-secondary schools and would like to help your chances of receiving scholarships, take your finals seriously, prepare for them in advance, and you will find yourself better prepared to succeed!

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