Athletes in the Offseason

With fall sport season at an end, many one sport athletes have much more time on their plates than normal, or is that the case? Most, but not all athletes are always busy in their offseason, juggling school, extracurricular activities, jobs, or training. But what exactly do these athletes do in their offseason?

Junior Alyna Sell, just completed her junior year of girls’ soccer season. Alyna played right or left wing in the mid field and overall, she said she had a really good defense season as a whole.

In Alyna’s offseason, it is the busiest time of her whole year. She keeps herself really busy with the amount of extracurricular activities she is involved in. She works at Milky Way in town and is involved in a winter soccer league to help her stay in shape.

“We start training in the winter in Zionsville two nights a week as well as we play one big tournament in the winter and progressing through the spring season. Starting in the spring, the league practices three nights a week and we start traveling to different tournaments,” said Sell.

Alyna keeps herself busy in her school as well. Alyna is involved in NHS, class council, student council, runs a candy coke team, is a key club class officer, is the secretary of ambassadors and a member of FCA. She is also looking forward to participate in the play next spring.

“Keeping involved in and out of school helps me figure out what I like and do not like. I started the soccer league last year and I really enjoy it. I like to push myself and have stepped up this past year and ran for leadership positions,” said Sell.

Senior Logan Dickey, had a short football season but continues through the winter with an ice hockey league he participates in. With plans in continuing hockey in his college career has kept him focused in hopes of getting a scholarship.

“My goal for my hockey season is to get my 100th win and also win the state championship. Outside of hockey, I have some free time so I like to play video games with the boys, play volleyball at the YMCA and workout/ condition,” said Dickey.

Junior Garrett Unger, is eager to get back in track and field season but keeps busy by being involved at school and at home. Garrett enjoys hanging out with his friends, working out, playing music and being involved at his church.

“I enjoy playing music at LCC, Lebanon Christian Church and being an active member because of the many close friendships I have been able to make with everyone,” said Unger.

“I also work at Fox’s Pizza in Whitestown which keeps me busy through the winter season. With the large amount of homework, hanging out with friends, and working, it definitely keeps me busy,” said Unger.

Sophomore Lizzie Kincaid just finished her volleyball season where she was the setter for the varsity squad. After her season, she continued playing volleyball with a travel league out of academy of volleyball club.

“Travel is different from high school volleyball because travel is only three sets where high school is five sets. Also, travel volleyball is at a much faster pace than high school. I enjoy playing school volleyball because I play with my friends and create that bond that is really important,” said Kincaid.

Kincaid also participates in track and field in the spring where she high jumps and run the 4×4. She also is involved in FFA and church activities at Trader Point Church of Christ.

“I enjoy track and field mostly because of the social aspect of bonding even though it is an individual sport,” said Kincaid.

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